Jaroslav Wieczorkiewicz - MILK WORKSHOPS | Aurum Light Studio

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"Trapped Imagination" by Mathew Guido and Marcus Tripp

                                                       Photographer: Mathew Guido
                                                          Stylist: Marcus Tripp
                                                           H/M: Anna Nenoiu
                                                      Model: Ford Models’ Mikayla



Gala Fashion Designers Awards 2014

Marta Gos i Martyna Sobczak laureatkami Fashion Designers  Awards 2014

Od prawej: Laureatki - Marta Gos i Martyna Sobczak, Joanna Sokołowska-Pronobis


Dance of Lady in Bordo by Stas Pushkarev

 Juanita by Shania Twain
 "She is the restless river
running through my veins
She rides without the reins--
her name's Juanita
She lives in the heart of every
woman in the world
Within the reach of every girl
who wants to meet her